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APRR is Europe's fourth-largest motorway operator and a subsidiary of Eiffarie, a consortium comprising Eiffage (majority interest) and Macquarie. The Group operates a network of near that 2,300 km of motorways.



Figures for 2014
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2.276 km of roads in service (APRR: 1.864 km - AREA: 413 km*)

21.7 billion kilometres driven each year

€2.149 billion in sales (+ 2,4%)

*Including ADELAC


Photographie d'un ouvrier sur un chantierThe network (APRR & AREA) currently in service includes the Paris-Lyon route (A5, A6 and A39), a Burgundy-Northern Europe route (A31, A36), Alpine motorways in the Rhône-Alpes region (A40, A41, A42, A43, A48, A49 and A51 Nord) and motorways in central France (A77 and A71).
This network forms a major European communication vector, carrying traffic over a combined distance of more than 21.7 billion kilometres in 2014.

The Group achieved consolidated sales of €2 149 million in 2014, and has near 3.800 employees.

APRR builds and operates toll motorways and other structures under license from the French government. This public service mission serves a dual purpose by facilitating the movement of people and goods and contributing to economic growth.