2 323 km of infrastructures

APRR connects people, breaks down barriers between regions and communities, enhances mobility for all, facilitates exchanges and makes motorway driving a safer, more pleasant experience.

The APRR and AREA networks feature 2,323 km of motorway. Each year, more than 20 million customers use these networks, which are designed to facilitate journeys and make travelling a shared experience.

Promoting exchanges

The APRR network extends from Paris to Mulhouse, from Toul to Lyon, from Annecy to Grenoble and from Bourges to Clermont-Ferrand. Four strategic corridors form the skeleton for this meshed network:
  • the Paris-Lyon corridor (A5, A6, A31, A39)
  • the Bourgogne-Europe du Nord corridor (A31, A36)
  • the Rhônes-Alpes corridor (A40, A41, A42, A43, A432, A48, A49, A51 North)
  • the Central France corridor (A77, A71, A714, A719).
Strategically located in the heart of Europe, the network serves the needs of haulage firms, holidaymakers and commuters alike.  

Motorways in the APRR & AREA network

Motorways in the APRR network

A5 Paris (La Francilienne) – Langres: 248 km (of which the A105-ex A5b: 10 km)
A19 Sens – Courtenay: 28 km
A6 Paris (Saint-Germain / École) – Lyon (Limonest): 401 km
A26 Troyes-Nord – Troyes-Est: 22 km
A31 Beaune – Toul (of which the A311: 4 km): 232 km
A36 Beaune – Mulhouse: 217 km
A39 Dijon – Bourg-en-Bresse (of which the A391: 5 km): 150 km
A40 Mâcon – Bellegarde (Châtillon-en-Michaille): 104 km
A404 Oyonnax spur: 21 km
A42 Lyon – Pont-d’Ain: 49 km
A406 Mâcon southern bypass: 9 km
A432 La Boisse – Saint-Laurent-de-Mure: 31 km
A46 Anse – Neyron: 26 km
A466 A6-A46 link motorway: 4 km
A71 Bourges – Clermont-Ferrand (of which the A710: 2 km): 181 km
A714 Montluçon access road: 10 km
A719 Gannat – Vichy: 24 km
A77 Dordives – Cosne-sur-Loire: 101 km
Maurice-Lemaire tunnel (including 4 km access road): 11 km
A89-A6 link motorway: 5.5 km by 2018

Motorways in the AREA network

A43/A430 Lyon – Chambéry – Albertville: 124 km
A48 Coiranne-Grenoble: 50 km
A41 Chambéry-Nord – Annecy-Nord: 55 km
A41 (Liane, ADELAC concession) Annecy Nord – Geneva: 19 km
A41 Chambéry-Sud – Grenoble: 51 km
A49 Grenoble – Valence: 62 km
A432/A43 – Saint Exupéry: 4 km
A51 Grenoble – Col du Fau: 26 km

Projects under the motorway regeneration plan

  • A71 - RN79 Montmarault intersection - 4 km
  • A406 - RN79 Mâcon-Sud intersection - 2 km
  • A75 (dual carriageway) - Clermont-Ferrand Est-Le Crest - 11 km
  • A36 - RN1019 - Sevenans intersection - 2 km
  • A48 / A480 - Saint-Egrève - Claix developments - 15 km

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APRR strives to provide high quality infrastructures, safe travel, services and innovations that meet road users’ requirement, enhances the attractiveness of surrounding areas and operates a sustainable development policy.

Crédit photographique : APRR / Leimdorfer Gilles

For both APRR and motorway users, safety on the motorway network is the number one priority. The Group operates an innovation policy that aims to provide motorists with state-of-the-art safety provisions. 


For more than 50 years, APRR has been serving motorists and supporting regional development policies.
For more than 50 years, APRR has been building, developing, maintaining and modernising the motorway network.
For more than 50 years, APPR has been devising innovative services to facilitate customer mobility.