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Governance at APRR is organised with a Board of Directors, which defines corporate strategy, and an Executive Committee, which implements it

Eiffage - France’s third-largest construction and concessions company and the eighth-largest in Europe - has a majority equity holding in APRR.

Board of directors

Led by Philippe Nourry, Chairman and CEO, the Board of Directors defines corporate strategy and oversees implementation thereof.

Board members:

Benoît de Ruffray
Chairman and CEO, Eiffage

Max Roche
Deputy CEO, Eiffage

Philippe Nourry
Chairman and CEO, APRR
Chairman and CEO, AREA

Stéphane Brimont
Chairman, Macquarie France & Benelux

Sonia Chevalier
Employee Ownership Director, Eiffage

Valérie David
Director of sustainable development and innovation across Eiffage

James Hooke
CEO of Macquarie Atlas Roads

Karim Mourad
Head of Transportation, Infrastructure Division, ADIA

Mary Nicholson
Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer for MIRA

Rafaëlla Copper
Division Director at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

Caroline Arduise*
Director representing the employees

Isabelle Verger**
Director representing the employees

*to the board of APRR directors
**to the board of AREA directors

Executive committee

Led by the Chairman and CEO, Philippe Nourry, the Executive Committee is APRR’s managerial authority. As such, it implements the corporate strategy determined by the Board of Directors.

Committee members:
Philippe Nourry
Chairman and CEO, APRR
Chairman and CEO, AREA
Chairman, Adelac

Xavier Rigo
Chief Operating Officer

Christian Ambrun
General Counsel

Ghislaine Baillemont
Innovation, Construction and Development Director

Pascal Billard
Director of Human Resources

Thierry de Camaret
Engineering and Information Systems Director

Guillaume Hérent
Directeur de clientèle

Vincent Lang
Chief Financial Officer

Eric Payan
Directeur de l'exploitation

Organisation chart

Backed by a large group

APRR is wholly owned by Eiffarie.
Eiffarie is a holding company owned by Eiffage (50% plus one share) and Macquarie Autoroutes de France (investment fund managed by Macquarie with 50% minus one share).
Today, via Eiffarie, APRR and AREA are part of Eiffage’s Concessions division




Eiffage, a major player in the concessions sector

Eiffage is the third-largest French construction and concession group and the eighth-largest in Europe, known for its technical expertise and exceptionally broad spectrum of capabilities in areas such as construction, public transport, energy, concessions and public-private partnerships. The Group’s business revolves around designing, financing, building and maintaining the facilities that enhance our everyday lives: large road and rail infrastructures, healthcare facilities, public and private buildings, urban developments, etc.

Eiffage’s 64,093 employees carry out 100,000 projects a year, generating nearly €14 billion in revenue in 2016, in France, across Europe and indeed worldwide.
Eiffage also stands out for the scale of its employee share ownership, unmatched anywhere in Europe. More than 60,000 Eiffage employees together own 25% of the Group’s equity. By safeguarding Eiffage’s independence, this organisation is a powerful stabilising force.
Eiffage understands and has taken the full measure of the environmental and social challenges facing the world today, going so far as to set up its own sustainable urban development research program: Phosphore. The Group also supports public-interest NGOs via the Eiffage Foundation      

Eiffage overview :

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