Motorway Investment Plan: APRR and AREA at work

€220 million investment to serve motorway networks, travellers and regions

The French government and the major motorway companies signed a new investment plan on 26 January 2017. With this agreement, the concessionaires commit to update their road network and propose new services to travellers.
APRR and AREA will allocate €220 million to new development projects supporting the networks, travellers and regions.
To ensure fluid movement as traffic volumes grow, the Group will launch projects to create or redesign interchanges: Chambéry hub, Annecy Nord distributor, Chalon-Champforgeuil semi-distributor, Genlis semi-distributor.
The Group will create 1,950 carpool parking spaces and reclassify 42 rest areas to support new mobility needs.
The Group's commitment also addresses the motorway's integration into its environment. APRR and AREA will build 19 wildlife crossings and make improvements to protect the natural environment (waterway and wetland restorations, water treatment, etc.).
These investments will create 5,000 jobs. Work will begin in late 2017, following review by the French regulatory authority for rail and road (ARAFER).
The projects will be managed by the motorway concessionaires, in partnership with the local authorities for road projects of local interest.
Toll price rises will be limited to 0.1% to 0.4% annually from 2019 to 2022.