Signing of the Performance Pact by APRR

Signing of the Performance Pact

APRR in support of athletes

With the Performance Pact, APRR and Eiffage support the vocational retraining of high performance athletes.

APRR's support for high performance athletes

Philippe Nourry, Chief Executive Officer of APRR, signed the Performance Pact together with Thierry Braillard, French State Secretary for Sports, on 19 December 2016.
Launched in December 2014, the Performance Pact expresses the commitment by the government, the business sector and the athletic community to career support for high performance athletes. Under this policy, Eiffage has welcomed into its ranks a number of athletes, some of whom participated in the Olympic Games and Special Olympics in Rio, such as Laetitia Payet (judo), Manon Valentino (BMX) and Maxime Maurel (paratriathlon).
APRR has also joined this initiative, demonstrating its attachment to sporting values. France's second largest motorway group supports Valentin Belaud, modern pentathlon world champion in 2016. This discipline, an Olympic competition since 1912, combines five events: fencing, swimming, horseback riding, pistol shooting and running.