Partnership with iDVROOM

Car pooling is growing in popularity, both for routine travel such as commuting and for weekend breaks, holidays and other occasional journeys. Demand for this shared means of transport is increasing among the APRR network’s environmentally aware, cost-conscious customers. APRR has entered into an exclusive partnership with iDVROOM, a car pooling pioneer, to encourage the development of this means of transport by offering a practical, low-cost electronic toll payment solution. 

A practical, low-cost electronic payment offer just for car poolers

APRR and iDVROOM, a subsidiary of the rail operator SNCF, have teamed up to develop an electronic toll payment offer exclusively for car poolers. With effect from 1 February 2016, iDVROOM customers will be able to use a Liber-t electronic toll payment badge and related services - enabling faster toll transactions, deferred debits and simplified management - while saving up to €33.80 during the first year of use. As well as benefits on the motorway, badge holders will also be entitled to use French car parks equipped with the electronic toll payment system. 

With this partnership between iDVROOM and APRR, setup fees and the first six months of the user’s subscription to Liber-t are free; thereafter, the service remains free as long as the user makes four or more trips per month as a car pooling driver or passenger. 

This electronic toll payment system supplements the other measures developed by APRR to encourage car pooling (dedicated secure car parks, etc.) and underscores APRR’s intention to continue supporting the growth in this practice.